Formerly Southern Maryland Higher Education Center

State University.  Global Campus.

What does it mean for something to be made for you?  Is it customized?  Tailor-made?  A perfect fit?  For us, it's much more than that.  At University of Maryland University College, it means we were built from the ground up with you, the working adult, as our sole focus.  Your needs drive everything we do - and have for the past 70 years.  When you enroll, you'll experience the difference it makes to study at a university made with you in mind.

44219 Airport Road, California, Maryland 20619

(301) 737-2500 (Main) * (301) 737-2542 (Facsimile)

   Offered at USMSM by University of Maryland University College


     Bachelor's in Information Systems Management

     Bachelor's in Management Studies

     Bachelor's in Business Administration

     Contact the Main Campus at 888.335.8682 for more information.