SMHEC has a space to fit every need - from a small 8 person conference room to a 430 person conference hall.  With over 40 meeting rooms, we are certain to have the right space for your needs.

All rooms include a computer with access to the internet, LCD Projector and screen and a whiteboard with supplies.

*The prices shown below are our regular rates.  Discounted rates are available for non-profit organizations and those requesting consistent room usage for 2 or more weeks.

The Center Hall accommodates up to 430 participants for community events, professional meetings, and training activities.  Three large screens allow multiple screen projection of presentations.  The sound system accommodates up to 6 microphones (lapel, wired and wireless available).  Additional amenities include the use of our five-segmented stage, podiums, presentation clickers, and other A/V equipment.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 184, Banquet style - 244 or Theater style - 430

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $730 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $510

Video Conferencing

Building II

This 130-foot long contemporary hallway showcases fantastic artwork and photography from local artists and is sure to be a great conversation starter.  It is an ideal location for your registration tables and catering.  It may also be used in conjunction with the Center Hall for additional exhibitor and vendor tables for your exhibition.

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $180 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $130

Our computer labs have 24 student computer stations and one instructor computer.  The computers have up to 4GB RAM, 17" widescreen monitors, internet access and basic software including Microsoft Office.  Each lab is equipped with a ceiling-mounted projector, projection screen and a whiteboard with supplies.  If you provide the software you need for your event, for an additional fee we can load it on our computers for your use.

Capacity:  Stations for 24 Students and 1 Instructor

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $590 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $400

Boardroom 119

Building II

Individual Hall

Building II

This spacious lecture room offers multiple screen projection.  Have two separate presentations to run?  Allow our trained staff to help set your event exactly how you want it.  For additional writing space we can provide flip charts for a fee.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 50, Banquet style - 64 or Theater style - 100

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $300 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $200

Training & Professional Development

This is professional and inviting room is an ideal setting for a small, intimate conference. Our bookshelves are filled with classic works of some of histories most renowned authors for your perusing pleasure and to add that extra touch of sophistication.

Capacity:  8 at Table

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $210 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $140

Multi-Purpose Room

Building I

Complete with two laser projectors and extra plush chairs to accommodate those long meetings, this space provides a comfortable and affordable atmosphere that is just right for your event.  Our talented staff will assist you in setting up any additional A/V equipment you might need.

Capacity:  36

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $300 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $200

This is the larger of our boardrooms.  Sixteen people sit comfortably at the tables.  It is ideal to use this room for meetings with a lot of group discussion.  The computer, projector and screen in the room can be used for presentations.  There is also a whiteboard with supplies.

Capacity:  16 at Table

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $210 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $140

Lecture Room 135

Building II

Center Hall

Building II

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Center Hall Gallery

Building II

We have a variety of rooms available for small seminars, training and meeting spaces.  Each room is furnished with professional tables and chairs, whiteboards and supplies, projection capabilities, and a computer with internet access.  Let us know if you require a special configuration for your space and we will be happy to set it up for you in advance.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 12 to 32

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $210 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $140

If you would like to make an appointment with our Event Coordinator for more information, to obtain pricing or to view a potential space, please use the form below.

Six of our meeting rooms include video conferencing capabilities.  Video teleconferencing allows instant communication across offices and to customer sites anytime, anywhere in the world.  The microphone systems provide automatic gain control, noise suppression, and echo cancellation to ensure a clear audio output; your guests calling in will hear you as through you were sitting next to them.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 8 to 32

Rates:  $50 every 1/2 hour, 1 hour minimum and billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter

Boardroom 102

Building I

Computer Labs

Building II

Lecture Room 123

Building I

*The prices shown are our regular rates.  Discounted rates are available for non-profit organizations and those requesting consistent room usage for 2 or more weeks.

Each hall has a whiteboard, large projection screen, and ceiling mounted projector. Several podiums and microphone setups are available for you to choose from.  The computer and sound setup can be customized to accommodate your needs.  With plentiful windows and natural light, these halls are ideal for banquets as well.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 60, Banquet style - 84 or Theater style - 140

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $350 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $240

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Training & Meeting Rooms

Buildings I & II

This spacious room has great acoustics with or without our available audio setup.  The room is ideal for training seminars, large meetings, and social gatherings.  This room is designed to keep the attention focused on your presentation while keeping the space visually interesting.

Capacity:  Classroom style - 80, Banquet style - 100 or Theater style - 120

Rates:  Full Day (9 Hours) - $400 / Half Day (5 Hours) - $265